Saturday, February 07, 2015


Black and white small square photo,
dated at the bottom border : Jul   62,
you look to be about eight or nine,
your scout uniform is flawless,
shorts perfectly pressed,
cap in just the right position,
knee socks pulled up tight - just below the knee,
neck kerchief lies symmetrically
yet naturally.

One arm is at your side
the other hand makes the scout sign,
elbow bent at a right angle,
three fingers pointed towards the sky.

You stand on a sidewalk,
alongside a parked Ford,
you look genuinely happy - proud even,
there are nicely manicured lawns in the background,
behind you,
side by side.

They look nice enough to roll on,
that's what I want to do,
take my shoes off and feel my toes in that perfectly mowed lawn,
to lie in it,
stretch out my arms and legs,
make a grass angel.

I also wonder if your face
has ever looked as innocent, bold, joyous
and full of possibility,
since July of 1962

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

New Year Poem

a new pathway of discovery
a new perspective
about to reveal itself

I stare straight ahead
straining to see the far view
of course it's obscured
all I have
is the ground underfoot

as I take each tentative step
all I would ask for
is stillness of mind
and courage of heart.