Saturday, January 12, 2008

It's very important to...

"...Keep the rock rollin'."

Thursday, January 10, 2008

a year in review..


It's early 2008 so I thought - what the hell - maybe I'll post something.
Last year kicked off with a bit of a rough start - much change, uncertainty and exhaustion ...but 2007 blossomed into a restful. lovely and sometimes surprising one. I'm very grateful for it.

Some highlights big and small (mostly small) - in no specific order:

  1. my first solo apartment (the hobbit hole) in the big city
  2. my first herb garden.
  3. many a custard tart enjoyed with Elly while living on Beatrice
  4. a new set of non stick pots and pans from the folks
  5. a great b-day with Krissy and really good sushi and a day on the island...turning 31 lost it's sting...
  6. some fun gigs with Max - and singing with Anna...and Joe
  7. cooking soup, soup and more soup. I looooooove making soup....
  8. weekends in Wingham with Don and the Bowyers
  9. Don - and his constant loving, grounding presence in my life
  10. august trip to Newfoundland with my family, aunts, uncles and cousins - pilgrimage to "the Cape"
  11. my grandfathers accordian made new (which I'm yet to learn how to play)
  12. peaceful spring afternoons, alone with a coffee on Roncessvalles
  13. Aprils October wedding in Costa Rica...and experiencing the beauty of Costa deserves it's own highlight list
  14. weekend of silent retreat in Arnprior
  15. Don and Chris's new pad
  16. meetings with Max
  17. reading Kahlil Gibran for the first time
  18. Poppy's beautiful funeral in March - Newfoundland
  19. Easter weekend in Shells apartment
  21. my ghetto keyboard!
  22. tobogganing with Don, Shelley and Altin at Christie pits
  23. weekend in July touring TO with mom (visual image of mom walking in china town while sipping from a coconut and carrying a little chinese umbrella to shade her and trying to carry a ton of bags at the same time...very funny)
  24. hearing Oliver Schroer's 'Camino' for the first time
  25. day trips outta the city with Elly and her 'wheels'
  26. Kate and her sweet baby boy Simeon - "chill baby"
  27. Dad's 60th
  28. Spa days with Shell
  29. the kiddie pool in Kitchener with Kate and the kids
  30. Aprils August visit before really moving to Central America (!)- her wedding shower - going dress shopping - marvelling at the mytery of life and it's changes
  31. camping trips with D...drunken teenage boys pukeing next to us!
  32. Elly's booth at the Toronto Outdoor - and hoodies hoodies hoodies - and DAILY coffee breaks at the G-way.....eeeeevil starbucks makes me feel so gooooood.....
  33. beers at the Gem with some of the Gateway gang
  34. Summer trips to Wards island beach
  35. many post-work evenings with CBC radio and a cup of tea....thank you CBC for your constant companionship...
  36. learning Kodaly at the Royal Conservatory of Music...I never thought I'd love school again!
  37. Don's brothers wedding in London
  38. drinking wine at Dufferin Grove park....drinking coffee at Duffering grove park...going to the Dufferin grove market....D's cob at Dufferin Grove...skating at Dufferin Grove get the point
  39. I learned to run!! I can run 7K!! it's a miracle.
  40. Finishing the EP. FINALLY! Thank you DOUG
  41. Knitting, knitting and more knitting
  42. Making Christmas Chutney...mmm mmm good
  43. new years Fire Works in Ottawa with Ma and Pa from the Westin window. Breathtaking....
  44. Handels 'Messiah' at Roy Thompson with Don...such a perfect and beautiful way to cap off the year. I won't soon forget that performance.
I didn't expect this list to be so long....and it could be so much many moments. And it's all about the moment, i think. Looking over this list...i think that it's actually true...the moment is all we have. That list also reminds me of highschool year book write ups. creepy.

On a side note...It occurs to me I should write a 'favorite music of 2007' if we havent had our fill of "lists". But there are a few gems....that will be for another post.

Anyway. Thats all she wrote. Good-bye 2007. Thanks for everything.