Wednesday, March 29, 2006


It's been over a month since my last post so I thought it was time for a wee update.

I've been in Ottawa for 2 weeks. It's been good. But upon reflection...I think I probably should've gone somewhere farther away. Somewhere hot. Somewhere "other". Oh Well. I guess Cuba will have to wait.

Jim has been released! Wow. Apparently the community has been in a state of elation. Wish I could have been there.

After a pretty harrowing and overly busy 5 months - I was kindof hoping to get some needed clarity and rest over the course of the month. I think it's safe to say that I've had a lot of physical rest...and mental rest to some extent.
But I feel as far from really "rested " as ever.
I think that removeing myself from my overly active life over the past month has only helped to surface some pretty core issues that I was doing a really good job of not dealing with - or ignoreing.

I think this pretty much sums it up for me right now:
Who am I? Where is my home?

I realize that these are questions that, if asked honestly enough, will probably never be fully answered in this life. To some extent we are always searching for who we are...and for our true home. It doesnt end and wrap up into a neat little conclusion. at least mine sure as hell does not.

For me, at this stage in my life, these questions are particularly painful ones, as I feel very homeless...both spiritually and actually. I feel that I don't really fit anywhere right now. I feel that I am experienceing a crisis of identity. All of the things I used to depend on to provide me with some kind of safety, security, comfort...even joy - just don't work anymore....nothing works. It is like some rug has been pulled out from under me....and I'm left drifting.

I didnt think that living at the worker would quite literally cause me to feel - homeless. And yet - in some sense that is exactly what has happened. Maybe it is a good thing. Maybe that is the whole point.
If that is the case - it still fucking sucks.

...a very uncomfortable and sad place to be. I'm impatient with the copeing mechanisms of other people. I'm frustrated that I have few people in my life right now, if anyone, who can fully understand or relate to what I am experienceing....and I don't even have the energy to try and expain it. (oh - did I mention ? I'm also eating like a pig.)

Really it comes down to this (and here is the harsh rub) - WHO CARES? who really cares that Julia feels homeless?? People, no matter who they are, usually only care about what directly affects them. Sad but true.
Quite honestly, i'm tired of trying to feel understood when it never ever works anyway and I on;y end up feeling more isolated.

So what to do? I feel like I've been gagged. Without the ability to talk about this strange transformation that is happening in me. No one wants to hear about this kind of pain and I'll go bakc to my life and go about my business and be present to others and yada yada...but who is there to care about ME - what I am feeling??

i feel very alone and a bit confused and very alien in a world that couldnt care less.
Yes - I feel sorry for myself. No i do not feel bad about it.


Thursday, March 16, 2006

If Jesus were a woman

Been thinking alot lately about what it means for me to be woman...
what it means for me to honour my womanhood in the face of a Faith that has left most women scratching the dust for a place and a role.

Genesis - God created them in his own image. Male AND Female - they were created.
Meaning that God is both male and female.
My male God has become too small. I need a "Big Momma" to use Stephs brilliante image...we all need a big strong woman to hold us. We need a Mother God just as much if not more than a Father God.
I know I do.

One of my icons of Mary and the child...I remember someone saying about it - when I look at her face I see the face of someone who truly understands me.

I am in need of a female God who truly understands me - and who truly affirms me.

Where am I allowed to be both strong and soft? Where am I allowed to apply my intuitive instict somewhere other than a typical domestic role?
How will the church allow me to be fully and truly woman - in the places where I am called to be that?

As Rohr has pointed out - If Jesus came as a woman...he would not have been recieved as revelation. Because women are natural healers and nurturers and encouragers. The crowd would have said to themselves "Typical woman" and continued on thier way.

"Jerusalem, often have I desired to gather your children together as a hen gathers her brood under her wings...."
-Jesus (Gospel of John 23:37)

peace -julia